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     Once I wrote a poem about a Seeing-Eye dog.  A reviewer termed it highly original.  He said he had never before seen a poem about a Seeing-Eye dog.
      To me, however, the poem was simply a statement of an observation.  It goes:
They are noble, people say,
and they are too
in what they do
guide the blind on their way.
But have you ever known
a Seeing-Eye dog
that didn't slog
along, depressed, head down?
So you who turn to admire
think too how great
the old wolf's forfeit
to eat leftovers, sleep by the fire.
     Regardless of the poem's value as a poem (I don't usually write in rhyme), I think it has value as an example of a principle I try to keep in mind in all my writing: look for and emphasize the unusual.

     Just as in the poem, I emphasized the unusual when writing my novel Night Work.  Lots of people run into some bad luck, especially in midlife, as Curt Mellam, protagonist of Night Work did.  Most survive,  and a few come out ahead of where they were when bad luck struck.  But seldom do such people experience the profound personal growth that Curt Mellam does in Night Work.  After years as a straight-laced, toe-the-line executive, Curt, in his new gritty sensual life, becomes a new man and a new father.   He likes his new being and vows never to return to the life of an organization man.    

Rush Williams                                  


Rush Williams is eminently qualified to write about work.  He has been a sailor, a taxi driver, a counselor, a chaplain, a nuclear scientist, a textile chemist, and an executive.  A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, he has now returned to North Carolina Sandhills, to Pinehurst, the land of golf courses and peach orchards, near where he grew up and where he now enjoys working at his first love, writing fiction and poetry.


In January, Curt Mellam, executive, widower, and for five years a single parent, prices an imported sports car (MGX)  as a high school graduation present for Karen, his beloved only child, expecting her to drive it to Georgetown University in the coming fall.  He never completes the purchase.  Instead, by September he is dodging bullets as a moonlighter and wondering how he will ever be able to pay next semesterís tuition for Karen.

The story is told first person with self-effacing humor despite the violence (murder, corrupt inner city police, drug dealing) Curt encounters.
  Night Work

Fiction / Literary / Mystery
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Author: Rush Williams
ISBN: 0-595-32758-3
262 Pages
What readers say:
"Once I got into reading Night Work I couldn't get mush else done,"  E. Oliver, Chair., Sandhills Writers Group, Pinehurst, NC.
"I always know when I am reading a good book because I don't want to put it down," L. Roberts, Psych. Nurse, Raleigh, NC. "This mystery is brought to life by its robust characters and vivid scenery...Remarkably well written." S Stark, Stockbroker, Los Angeles, CA. "All the women of our family enjoyed the book very much," G. Birch, Nurse (Ret.), Pittsfield, MA.

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